Hi, my name is Lukas. 👋

I'm a german based photographer, media designer and art director.

Lukas Zischke


Photography, photo editing and media design – these are my great passions. Passions, with which I founded my own company in early 2018, aged 23, as a photographer and trained media designer.

With now having more than 12 years of experience in these fields, I specialized myself in cooperating with corporate clients. Over the last few years, I was able to win a large number of well-known brands from all around the world, namely AUDI, BOSE and PUMA.

My work has been published by various media companies such as the GQ, Times, Bravo and Bild. Especially my surreal pictures have found traction in social media and built my prominence and brand over the last years with over 80.000 followers.

Lukas Zischke

Photographer, media designer and art director